Antler Facts

Interesting Antler Facts:

Deer, Elk and Moose shed their antlers each year as part of their life cycle. Each Spring they begin to grow new antlers which start out as layers of cartilage covered with a soft fuzz called velvet. Blood flows through the velvet and provides massive amounts of nutrients to the antlers. During the growing stage the antlers will grow 5-8 inches per day. Once the growing is done the antlers become hard trapping all of the great nutrients inside. This hard packed antler is the chew we provide to you at a wholesale price that your pet(s) will love!

The best antlers come from the Wild Western Rocky Mountains, and not from commercial farm raised animal products. Worldwide Antler Chews provides only this PREMIUM, WILD, FREE GROWN antler chew straight from the wild to your pet.

The shedding of natural antlers happens each year and no animals are harmed in the gathering and distribution of our products.