Antler Chews: A Treat Of Flavor & Highly Digestible Minerals For Dogs With No Harmful Chemicals & Preservatives

Antlers start their growing season after the antler is shed in the spring each year. The antler starts as a softer Velvet that is able to grow five to eight inches daily do to all the Nutrients that are put fourth during the season. Once the Antler is done growing they become hard trapping all the Nutrients produced in the growth cycle in the Hardened Antler.

Made of High-protein and calcium antlers are easy to digest and Aid in dental hygiene. Also known as super chews in pet stores, the antlers are cut, shipped, and packed in sizes and design variations. This blog discusses what premium benefits and features make such products a safer alternative to select When purchasing chew treats for your dog as they are all natural and contain no chemicals or preservatives.

Below are a few useful features of the antlers:

● Keeps a dog’s teeth health good, breath fresh, and improves the chewing ability till it reaches its height.

● 100 percent natural.

● Shed naturally every year and Cause no harm to the antlered animal in the process.

● Harvested, cut, and shipped without causing harm to animals

● A perfect chewing choice for all dogs.

No doubt, antler makes a safer and healthy option for long-lasting dental health, all natural gut health and do not get slimy and gross. They are also animal Friendly so no harm comes to the deer and elk In the Process.

Dogs enjoy countless hours of chewing . The presence of nutrients like calcium and phosphorus and massaging the dog’s gums while chewing is germ-free.

Hikers collect these antlers after they shed naturally .supplying them to be Cleaned selected and cut for the antler dog chew market

After all, such an initiative doesn’t cause any harm to animals like deer and elk . Antler gets its natural brown color once they are rubbed on trees and brush removing the velvet and they lose the brown color if they are exposed to the sunlight for too long. Whether the Antler dog chew is a natural brown color or a mix of brown and white makes no difference in the natural benefits of the Antler.

Find the best-selling features of the health antler products specifically for your dog To know more about such features of naturally shed American deer and elk and the best antlers for dogs, visit Willis Antler Chews’ official website.